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Amino terminated polyether

      Amino terminated polyether generally refers to polyether amine. Polyether amine (PEA): is a kind of polymer whose main chain is polyether structure and the end active functional group is amino group. The amino terminated polyether has the following structure: X, y = 0 - n. Polyether amines are obtained by ammoniating polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol or ethylene glycol / propylene glycol copolymer under high temperature and pressure. The reactivity, toughness, viscosity and hydrophilicity of polyether amines can be adjusted by selecting different polyalkyl oxide structures. The amine groups provide the possibility for polyether amines to react with various compounds. Its special molecular structure endows polyether amines with excellent comprehensive properties. Commercial polyether amines include monofunctional, bifunctional and trifunctional products with molecular weights ranging from 230 to 5000. It has been widely used in many fields, such as polyurea spraying, large composite material making, epoxy resin curing agent and automobile gasoline detergent.




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