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Yd-607 flow stopping agent

It can be used to resist whitening and improve the flow stopping performance together with hydrophilic fumed silica.

Product Description

Overview: yd-607 is a thixotropic reinforcing agent to improve the thixotropic properties of hydrophilic fumed silica. It enhances the thixotropic network structure and ensures that the thixotropic network will not break after adding amine curing agent. Yd-607 can make hydrophilic fumed silica be used alone in two-component epoxy. The method of adding hydrophilic fumed silica into the curing agent is to obtain thick film. Yd-607 is added to the curing agent. Through the hydrogen bond formed between yd-607 and thixotropic agent, the viscosity increases naturally.

Chemical composition: polymer solution containing amine functional group. Typical physicochemical data:

Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

Density (25 ℃): 0.99 g / ml

Refractive index (25 ℃): 1.5

Viscosity (25 ℃) 7000-8500 MPa · s

Recommended dosage: the dosage is 0.8-1.5% in the component of curing agent, which can be adjusted according to the specific product formula to achieve good stop flow effect.

The above recommended amount can be used as a general category, and the best amount can be obtained through a series of laboratory tests. Please call us for specific technical information.

Packing specification: 25kg / barrel (plastic barrel) or 190kg carbon steel barrel, can be packed as required.




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